Our team dreamed big and came up with a solution

Our story

We are ocean enthusiasts, we are adventure seekers, we are dreamers, we wanted something that didn’t exist, so we made it. It took a few years, lots of drawings, planning and a ton of in-the-field testing. Luckily Gregg is an engineer and Milia is a creative visionary –
We came together and made something great! Today we have produced a boat load of BanksBoards and each one floats. It meets our high standards and is something we are proud of. Try a board, we know you will love it!

our story

Our team

We understand your needs, not only do we make the boards
here in the USA, but we also use the boards. We are
continually striving to find new uses and to improve our
boards. Have an idea or a need? Let us know, we would love
to hear from you!

Gregg Mason

Gregg Mason

Founder & CEO


Malia Sonders

Marketing / Sales

Gregg Mason

Mascot and all-around good vibe crew

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(map): 983 W. 3rd Ave. Columbus, OH 43212
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